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-What is Gundam Legacy?
Gundam Legacy is a Gundam Seed Mod for "Star Wars Empire at War" RTS Game, The Alamo engine used by empire at war features both Ground and space combat on one engine. This makes it perfect for the Gundam genre.

-When will Gundam Legacy be released?
It was always our goal to have a playable release by Fall 2006, even if it is only a Beta test version. A full release isn't expected very soon.

-Will there be suits from Gundam Seed Destiny?
Yes, first the team will work on the C.E. 71 era. Once that is done we should have a good base to build on for further units and mobile suits. There is also some plans for some of the MSV suits but nothing is confermed at this time.

-What sides will be in the Game?
To begin with there will be Earth Alliance Forces and Zaft as playable sides, also with the expected release of "Forces of Coruption" Gundam Legacy will also have a new "Different" side from any of the factions appearing in the TV show. Orb will be in the game eventually but not as a playable side.

-Will there be Heros like Freedom, and Destiny?
Yes both suits will be included, as well as any others that you can think of. Not to mention the Thirteen new characters developed for the origional storyline.

-What about the Galactic Conquest map, How will it work?
At the moment it is still in development, however there are 12 - 13 Plant Colony locations with numerous other locations both on Earth and in space.

-Will there be single player missions, or just multiplayer?
Both, The multiplayer should come first but there are already solid plans for a single player mission mode spanning the entire SEED series.

-What about Hero clashes?
We are looking into doing some fun things with the hero clashes, but for now Its not a top priority.

-How will mobile suits work/move in space combat? Will they be like tie fighters?
In space we are looking into ground like animations (move, shoot, idle) but it remains to be seen how extensive it will be. It will definantly not be just like tie fighters though.

-What kinds of ground locations or terrain will there be?
Well there hasnt been a whole lot of map makeing yet, the team has talked about what kind of locations there should be: Space, Jungle, Snow, Urban, Desert, Naval, and Luner.

-Will there be Naval battles?
There is a system layed out in theory but wether it will happen will be up to the amount of time we have.

-What about toggleing weapons on units, mobile suits carrying two different weapons?
We are also looking into this at the moment, we are also looking into haveing mobile suits haveing a melee weapon option too.

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