-05.02.07- Screenshots...

New Screens.

New screenshots includeing the M1 astray, EAF Missle Jeep, Dinn, and plenty of ground combat. Currently we are developing our ground combat systems and how they will function in game. Apologies from me and the rest of the boys here at Gundam Legacy for the lack of updates over the winter, about half the team had to contend with post secondary education over the winter. However with summer fast aproching look for meny more updates to come at a much faster pace.

-01.01.07- ALPHA RELEASED!...

Happy New year!

The Gundam Legacy Team has released its test Alpha version of the mod. You can download it in the downloads section. Right now it only changes the first two tech levels of space skirmish. Basically this will be the base that we will build the rest of the mod from, however we are looking for some imput on what direction we should take the mod. This is the main reason we decided very early on that the first test version of the game would be made public. So stop by the forums and let us know what you think.

In an ideal world this is the team's game plan for 2007, real life permiting of course.

--Release Test alpha-- (done)

-Build Ground combat systems (in progress)
-Build basic Galactic Conquest systems

--Release full Seed Beta--

-Create Destiny era space units
-Create Destiny era ground units
-Create Missions and campaigns

--Full Release--

-08.29.06- New Pictures...

Lots of work so far on the mod, our coder and I have been looking into alot of the animation files and what we can do with the space units. Also we are looking into getting some never before seen codeing from the Prject Mars team on a mutual trade. Along with that we have lots of new model renders of the Linear Tank, Ginn, Archangel, Dagger L, Windam, And Abyss. I have been extreamly buisy as of late but hopefully I will be able to put a good deal of work in real soon.

-08.26.06- New Website...
Lots of new model shots including Buster, Blitz, Duel, Moebius Zero, and Kusanagi. Which were done by our newly discovered modeler Sykes, Along with models of Justice, and Freedom Gundam by Infinity238. Progress has been moveing along steadly with the edition of our new coder: Devotion. Watch for lots of updates in the near future.


-Character Profiles
-Screen Shots