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-Gundam Legacy C.E. Storyline-
C.E. 70

After the Tragedy of Copernicus the EAF declares war against the PLANT homeland. Yamada Rikawa a young Mobile armor pilot stationed on the carrier Roosevelt was doing maintenance on his Mobius unit when he noticed two techs loading a large missile into the undercarriage of a mobile armor. Thinking nothing of it at the moment Yamada went back to work. His wing “man” for the attack was a young blue haired girl named Kumiko Hamano who would never stop talking, the only way he could shake her was by burying his head in the aft hatch of his Mobius unit. Prepareing for the attack Zaft rookie pilots Malik Decardo, Franc Utall, and Shelba Ludecker were busy in the cockpits of their new Ginn mobile suits. Malik was a self-centered person with a bit of an arrogance problem, where as Franc was a bit of a show off. Shelba mostly kept to her self during briefings and training often typing away on here Ginns keyboard.

Three days later on February 14, EAF launch an attack on PLANT’s Junius colonies. Shelba’s Ginn damages Kumiko’s Mobius unit however Yamada intervenes and forces Shelba to retreat, Before Malik can exact revenge on Yamada’s Mobius unit Junius 7 is engulfed in a vibrant light. Junius 7 is completely destroyed by a nuclear missile; Franc Utall is caught in the blast and does not return. 8 days after Zaft bent on revenge launches an all out attack on EAF 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Fleets. Durring the Attack Zaft deploys the Neutron Jammers, but still suffers heavy losses. Malik Faces of against Yamada but is handily out piloted by Yamada and the battle ends a stalemate. On April 1st Zaft Launches operation Uroboros, EAF attempts to stop the drop but it fails and both Malik and Kumiko are forced to make the decent to earth. Yamada and Shelba retreat to there respective ships. During the decent Malik manages to land at the Carpentaria staging ground along with the unassembled base while Kumiko crash lands her Mobius out side of the Panama spaceport. While Zaft makes moves to capture ground on Earth the Earth Alliance moves against the plant homeland again, the attack is cut off at the resource satellite of Jachin, Both Yamada and Shelba engage in combat but nether pilot can gain the upper hand. Again the EAF is forced to retreat to the moon. May 3rd Zaft attacks the Moon and fighting begins along the Grimaldi front, Yamada gains numerous kills in his Mobius.


Down on Earth Malik aids Zafts Attack on Kaohsiung, EAF are completely over matched and Zaft Ultimately captures the spaceport. While in space Shelba is sent on a recon mission to Heliopolis on a lead of military supply ships coming and going through that area. While on Heliopolis Shelba reports 5 new alliance mobile suits at the Morgenroete facility, however the only ship within range of the transmission is a Nazca class vessel. After 4 more days Shelba uncovers schematics for two more mobile suits at the Morgenroate. After pocketing the disk she attempts to leave the colony but the Le Cruset team attacks the port, She is forced to evacuate the colony in a life pod just before it collapses.

The life pod is picked up by Yamada’s Mobile armor and taken back to the Ajax (Agamemnon Class), Shelba is treated to lunch by the mobile armor pilot. Later the Heliopolis survivors are handed over to a civilian transport vessel, Shelba uses the chance to escape on a shuttle with the data disk she recovered from Heliopolis. Her shuttle is picked up by the Gamow on rout to meet up with the Vessalius. During the battle of earth orbit Shelba launches from the Gamow in a Ginn and Yamada launches in his Mobius unit, the two face off but because of a stray transmission Yamada Realizes who it is he’s fighting. Shelba severely damages Yamada’s Mobius and he is taken prisoner. May 1st Yamada is allowed to roam some areas of Plant under Shelba’s Escort, the two soon become friends. Shelba then receives the details of Operation Spit Break, stunned by the plans goal of wiping out the alliance leadership she tells Yamada. Yamada tells her she has to let him go, hesitantly she simply allows him to “disappear.” Two days later Yamada breaks into a military port and discovers two prototype mobile suits, he steals one and blasts his way out of the plant and returns to earth.

May 8th Yamada Lands out side of the Panama port and is greeted by his long time wingman, he informs Kumiko of operation Spit break. The two fly towards Alaska hoping to arrive in time but are cut off by Malik and his team, Malik Deciding to fight Yamada instead of continuing to Alaska. He then orders his squad to engage them, Yamada simply dispatches Maliks Ginn. Malik swears revenge on Yamada for his crushing defeat. However afterwards Yamada and Kumiko are too late and arrive at Alaska after the base was completely destroyed. June 25th Third battle of Victoria, the Victoria spaceport is recaptured by EAF and Yamada and Kumiko head back into space. Two days later Malik boards a shuttle with Le Cruset, Flay, and Yzak and returns to the plant homeland. July EAF push Zaft off Earth, and on his return Malik is given the second prototype mobile suit. (the first one was stolen by Yamada) September 23rd EAF launches Operation Elvis Yamada, Kumiko, and Kaito (in the Agamemnon Class Ajax) participate in the attack on BOAZ, eventually BOAZ is destroyed in a nuclear Attack. Three days later the second Battle of Jachin Due Begins, Kumiko’s mobile suit is disabled by the second shot of Genesis along with the lunar reinforcement fleet. Yamada is forced to fight Malik on his own, Malik driven by rage inflicts heavy damage on Yamada’s unit before he is stopped short of killing him by Shelba. Jachin self-destructs and all units receive the stand down order from their respective leaders. The two sides part ways and the battle is over.


To be continued...

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